16: A Stark Difference in Design

Hey! Welcome to this week’s Stark Difference in Design. Last week’s Edition No. 15 had a 46% open rate. The most popular link was the Funkify chrome extension. 💌


+ Artificial Intelligence Hits the Barrier of Meaning

“People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they’re too stupid and they’ve already taken over the world.”

+ I love this can opener

A great twitter thread on using the can opener and the importance of its design for someone with Fibromyalgia and other motor disabilities.

+ Designing for Interaction Modes

The best experiences result from designers matching the way the computer behaves with the way our users are thinking, feeling, and interacting. This is what user experience design is all about. And yet, because of pressures, competing priorities, and industry trends, interaction modes are often an afterthought.

When stakeholders don’t put the user first, and designer’s are forced to implement dark patterns, humans become forced to accept shortcomings. We make do with what is there. We figure out alternative methods. But understanding interaction modes can help you make more ethical design decisions.

For bookworms

+ Measure of a Man—From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor

Wow. Wow! This will go down as one of the most phenomenal memoirs. The greatest takeaways:

  1. Trauma and empathy heavily shape how we treat others (be it good or bad).

  2. Craftsmanship provides a high return of investment both personal and professional.

  3. In a 100m race, run 110m. It’s easy to be mediocre.

  4. There is no job beneath you.

  5. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the opportunity to be teachable.

Martin Greenfield’s book is an incredible, often stomach turning story of heartbreak, survival, and triumph.

Updates on Stark

+ See you soon, Invision Studio. 😍

+ Stark’s getting a clean up across design tools

Cat has been updating the design for Stark in Adobe XD and will shift into carrying that over for Sketch. We’re making it more compact and simple, and cleaning everything up across design tools before rolling out some awesome additions in the new year; one of those being a more contextually informative checker regarding your typography. And now, as you’ve seen, preparation for a launch on Invision Studio!

+ Best free sketch plugins for designers

Thanks designmodo for including Stark in the list of best free sketch plugins for designers!

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–Team Stark