15: A Stark Difference in Design

Hey! Welcome to this week’s Stark Difference in Design. We’re testing the subject line, and we made the headers of each bullet point more prominent since last post. 💌

Tidbits from the web

+ How to Design Better for Your Community

Guidelines can be great when you have a system in place, where research has been done extensively and there’s institutional knowledge to pull from that informs your problem-solving. But what happens when you don’t have that?

Amélie Lamont’s post is rich in beautiful imagery, colors and great examples on how to use your skills as a designer to figure out and kickstart your next community project.

+ Inclusivity is a Recipe for Good Design

…so it doesn’t really make sense to think of disabled people as a niche group. It makes a lot more sense to design as if anyone could be disabled.

Have you ever wondered what the difference between designing for accessibility vs. designing inclusively is? Khoi from Adobe discusses this plus more on his latest podcast episode of Wireframe.

+ Funkify — the Chrome extension

If you’re a designer or developer that uses Chrome, Funkify is a necessary extension that helps you experience the web through the eyes of people with different abilities. You can simulate blurry vision, dyslexia, losing control of your mouse, tunnel vision, colorblindness, etc.

For bookworms

+ 101 Things I Learned In Architecture School

Matthew Fredrick simplifies and makes clear, a complex topic that teachers often muddy. What a simple, fun, and true bit of education with beautiful illustrations throughout.

These 101 concise lessons in design, drawing, the creative process, and presentation--from the basics of how to draw a line to the complexities of color theory--provide a much-needed primer in architectural literacy and make concrete what too often is left nebulous and open-ended in the architecture curriculum. 

Updates on Stark

+ Why do you think we're still arguing about the business value of design?

One thing we’ve come to realize in having discussions (and sometimes debates) about accessible and inclusive design, is the general value that design brings to the business / company as a whole. We’ve been pondering the question above, have our own theory, and would love your thoughts.

+ Some Stark love

Super exciting to see Stark as one of the most loved by folks at the #SketchLondon meetup.

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–Team Stark