We announced Stark's paid plans!

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When we started Stark as a tiny little side project 2 years ago, we could’ve never imagined the incredibly positive feedback we’d get and the thousands of users we’d have. So, today, it is with gratitude that we’re taking the next big leap and are pumped to roll out paid plans for designers and teams around the world.

Paid plans allows us to build out Stark into a more sustainable and predictable product. When we first started we never imagined so many designers and teams around the world relying on Stark. Thanks to awesome supporters at Adobe and Invision we were able to build Stark into what it is today, and thanks to your feedback our roadmap has grown beyond what we initially envisioned. You have told us that there’s a real need for Stark in your daily workflow, and a bunch of things you’d like to have. With paid plans we’ll be able to update and expand Stark faster and more regularly than ever before instead of worrying about how we’ll keep operations running.

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Thanks a ton for all of your support so far! Go signup for Pro! And of course, you’ll hear from us again on Sunday with our newsletter. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out via email at hello@getstark.co