40: A Stark difference in design

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1. Key moments in the user journey

This document is an illustrated sequence that depicts the end-to-end experience of Simple’s primary users: the nurses.

Such a great, digestible, and human friendly format to understand a wide variety in a user journey. In this particular document, Simple documents the steps nurses take from hearing about Simple, to starting out, to managing patients.

2. We Kill People Based on Metadata

“In the Internet era, it is increasingly common that everyone’s communications cross national boundaries. That makes all of us vulnerable, for when the government collects data in bulk from people it believes are foreign nationals, it is almost certain to sweep up lots of communications in which Americans are involved. The initial version of the USA Freedom Act accordingly sought to limit the NSA’s ability to conduct so-called “back door” searches of content collected from foreigners for communications with Americans citizens. But that provision was stripped in committee, leaving the back door wide open.”

3. The problem with "Content"

“...words matter, and we can choose which ones we use to talk about what we produce and the things we admire and cherish.”

What’s new from Stark

After announcing our Pro Plans two weeks ago, we’re heads down back to work as we prep to push out a new feature for you. :)

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