14: Hawkeye, Why We Sleep & hearing loss

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Tidbits from the web

+ Research from WHO on those living with hearing loss

360 million people live with disabling hearing loss. That’s ~5% of the population. 32 million of those people are children.

+ Spotlight on Hawkeye

Hawkeye is a fantastic app for individuals with motor impairment. It allows you to control your iOS device with your eyes and face movements. It’s completely hands-free—whether you use your everyday apps to browsing the web to read.

+ From Paula Scher

The goal of design is to raise the expectations, not pander to mediocrity created by crowd sourcing.

For bookworms

+ Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

A fascinating read on not just what happens during sleep but the history behind it, and vital importance of why we need it. The book is a page turner filled with fun facts and shocking content that guarantees you change your routines and prioritize sleep more than you do meals.

Cetacean ( 🐳 + 🐬 ) sleep is uni-hemispheric in order to protect from predators. The two spheres couple and uncouple as needed — half awake and the other enters a beautiful NREM phase (they never enter REM because the temporary paralysis would result in them drowning).

Updates on Stark

+ Thanks Pablo Stanley for giving us all sorts of love by including Stark in your talk at Dribbble’s Hangtime LA!

+ Invision created a Twitter Moment all about a11y & inclusion

Cat Noone and Stark are included in it, which is pretty awesome; but what’s important is how phenomenal this entire Moment is for shedding light on some of the greatest tools and articles written on color, culture, accessible design and inclusive design.

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+ What are your thoughts on design school?

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